Food is medicine

Your relationship with food is probably the most important relationship in your life! Why not make it nurturing and healing, choosing the right food for you can transform your life – one fork at a time.

Gut Health

Is your gut feeling that all is not right? IBS? Bloating? Indigestion?

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Sugar Cravings

Would you like to tame your inner sugar monster? Are you on a sugar rollercoaster that you just can't get off? Are you carrying extra weight around your middle? Are your emotions very up & down?

6 week weight loss course
Confused about what to eat? Low energy? No get up and go? Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Down to earth, non-judgmental advice on all sorts of health conditions - science translated into practical steps - often the simplest things make the most impact.

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What does a nutritional therapy consultation involve?


You will be provided with explanations of dietary and lifestyle factors that may be contributing to any symptoms and a personalised dietary and lifestyle programme designed to meet your individual requirements.

Dietary supplements may be recommended, when necessary or potentially beneficial to boost the nutritional programme, based on both scientific evidence and your specific needs or, in some cases, following analysis of any functional test results. If a client is on medication, a check will be made for any potential drug-nutrient interactions.

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