• Do you struggle to resist food?
  • Do you feel controlled by food?
  • Especially when it comes to sugar?
  • Have you tried every diet out there and are still struggling to get your weight where you feel best?

There is help at hand! Will power alone isn’t enough – trying to override your body’s biochemistry is almost impossible. Getting off the blood sugar roller-coaster can be life-changing. I want you to have food freedom – where you eat real, whole food which is delicious and nourishing. Get your energy back, say goodbye to cravings and get on with your life without thinking about food 24 hours a day.

A low-carb lifestyle can be truly transformative – some people have even found it helpful to reverse pre-diabetes/Type 2 diabetes.

I offer a 6 week course to show you the way and support you to change your habits – for good.

Learn about:

  • how to reduce carbohydrates in a way that’s sustainable and nourishing
  • how fat is not the enemy!
  • how sleep is crucial to weight loss
  • how you can’t outrun a bad diet but how exercise is so important for resetting brain chemistry
  • how to distinguish between actual hunger and emotional eating – and what to do about it
  • how to deal with social situations that can trip you up

Weekly 30 minute appointments to guide you through the process, then options to carry on after the 6 weeks at a pace that suits you.

6 week course = £195