**I am currently not taking any new clients on so I can focus on my existing clients. I will post an update when I’m ready to accept new clients**

We are all unique and given the right tools, our bodies are good at self-healing and can achieve optimal health. Nutritional Therapy looks at the person as a whole, and uses the functional medicine model to get to the root cause of any health conditions.

Initial Consultation

Before the first consultation, I will ask you to provide some basic details and fill in a 7-day food diary (ideally emailed back before we meet or brought along to the session). The first consultation lasts up to 90 minutes, during which I will take a detailed health and medical history so that I can gain a thorough understanding of your health concerns, diet and lifestyle. I will devise a realistic plan to help support you on your road to better health. This may include supplements or testing (either NHS or private) where I feel it is appropriate. I will email the plan to you within a few days of the initial consultation.

Follow-up Consultation

Follow-up consultations are usually 4-6 weeks after the initial consultation and last around 60 minutes. This is where we talk about how you’re getting on and discuss any refinements. I am here to support you and help you succeed so plans can be adjusted according to your needs and goals. I want you to love food that loves you back – it’s all about establishing new habits to help achieve optimum health.

The number of consultations that you may need depends on the nature of any health issues you have – ongoing support may be required for deep-seated issues whereas simple dietary tweaks can often be achieved in 2-3 consultations. Some people choose to have an annual ‘MOT’ where we go through any niggles or concerns (using functional testing if appropriate) – or just to get your motivation back to live a healthy life. You do it for your car, why not for your body?

Initial Consultation 90 minutes (including dietary and lifestyle plan) £80
Follow-up consultation – 60 minutes £50